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Fires of pleasure vessels, fishing vessels or merchant marine vessels are much less frequent than fires in ships or vehicles. Damage resulting from or caused by these claims is generally larger and more costly, and investigations are therefore very complex and require special maritime expertise. The particularity of these boat fires is the total destruction of composite materials and the damage caused by the waters. Added to this is the instability of the structures, which requires special attention because burned vessels can quickly sink.

Often a boat sinks after a fire and it is very difficult to preserve the traces and clues that often remain at the bottom of the water. Marine fire investigation requires technical rigour both in the collection of testimonies and in the expertise itself. It is necessary that the investigator have sufficient knowledge in understanding shipbuilding, mechanics, electricity and of course regulation.

Boat fire expertise has been a Malys specialty for over 20 years !

Enquête avec Drone suite à l'incendie d'un bateau
Enquête suite à l'incendie d'un bateau
Malys recherche de causes et circonstances d'incendie de bateaux

Maritime investigation

Fire dynamics in a ship are much faster because of the low volumes and the nature of the building elements. These volumes are quickly saturated with smoke, which will contribute to thermal accidents such as smoke explosions, flash over or flash fires, which promote rapid destruction of structures. The collapse of these structures requires the implementation of important technical means to succeed in discovering the areas in which the fire originated. Wind also plays a role in the spread of fire and makes it even more complex to read the traces left by fire. The investigation of ship fires is a complex phase that requires advanced technical and scientific expertise in reading the effects of fire, kinetics and the resulting thermal transfers. The cause and responsibilities can only be discovered through a coherent scientific approach. Our experience allows us to provide you with the answers to your questions.